Through our work, we come across individuals and organizations that need support but don’t have a strong enough voice to reach the people who can help them.

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At Tin Roof Society, we speak up on behalf of people doing great work with a minimal resources, low visibility or not enough manpower. This inspires people to learn more and add their support to these causes.

Our experience and skills allow us to vet potential partners and assess what their needs are. We are then able to use our networks to share information about them and get their message where it needs to go.

 In 2014 we met Merlyn and Mikkel, two children battling childhood cancer.  Their families had exhausted all resources and had nowhere to turn. 


Alongside African Cancer Foundationwe spoke up for Mikkel and Merlyn and raised $7,000.00 for Mikkel and Merlyn's medical care through our "Team M2" campaign.

This is just one story among many of speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.