Tin Roof Foundation was founded in 2014 to work in the East African context to inspire and empower East Africans to meet needs in their communities using their resources, skills and manpower. 

As early as 2002, long before Tin Roof Foundation was established, members of our team were working in East Africa to help meet needs affecting the physical, spiritual, educational and cultural of local communities.  What struck each of us was that so many of the answers to the most common social problems could be effectively met with local resources and the skills of the local citizenry.  With that revelation we aligned our work to coincide with efforts, personnel and advice that came from local sources. 

In 2014 we formed Tin Roof Foundation to inspire and empower people to change their world, focusing on East Africa.   Along the way we have had the privilege to work with projects in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya covering a variety of social needs from education, at-risk youth, childhood cancer, famine and more.  We continue to build partnerships and opportunities for impact throughout East Africa, while providing provide sustainable, locally sourced solutions for common societal problems. 

While we began to work with corporate entities on Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives we have evolved to provide community action solutions for churches, social clubs, youth groups and individuals.  Simply Do Good is the initiative that was born from the increasing desire of these other groups to “do something” but not having the level of resources that NGO’s or corporates may have. Simply Do Good or SDG allows anyone or any size group, no matter how great or small their resources to do something significant to help others and impact society.