We love people and we love to see them living out their full, God-given potential in all aspects of their lives.


We began Tin Roof Society to help those in need receive the resources or manpower they need quickly and efficiently. At the same time, we empower those desiring to meet needs with the confidence, wisdom, and strategic plan to take action. We do this by being a "middle-man" that inspires, empowers and walks alongside our partners to help them maximize their impact for the long term. 

Tin Roof Society identifies and thoroughly investigates areas of need around the world before presenting them to potential investors. When we connect, we build relationships that allow the investor to know where their investment went, how it was used, and what the resulting effect was.

We don't do this alone. We identify "investing opportunities" through our partner organizations, churches, missions, and individuals who are on the ground doing the daily work. They know better than anyone what is needed and what it is going to take to meet these needs.  This mutual trust has been indispensable.  

We are diverse in those we partner with. We believe this gives us a more holistic view of the world, as well as a variety of opportunities to meet needs.

In addition, Tin Roof Society seeks to build relationships between similar organizations so that they can potentially work together, share resources, and cut costs, which gives them greater impact and opportunities.